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What if the system can't find a record of my purchase?

Sometimes, when you attempt to retrieve your activation code for a product, you may receive an error message that says: The System Cannot Find Record of Your Purchase. There are 4 possible reasons why this might happen:

1. You did not purchase your product from us. If you are certain that you purchased your product from us, and cannot remember the email address you originally used, contact for PC games the TryMedia Customer Service Center at for Mac games go to Also, you may have incorrectly entered your email address in your original purchase from us so make sure you have the correct email.

2. You may have purchased your product directly from the developer, another website, or from a retail store. Unfortunately, we cannot honor your purchases from other retailers or websites as we cannot verify your purchase details. Please contact your original point-of-purchase (website, retail store, etc.) to discuss your issue directly.

3. You used a different email address or credit card number to make your purchase from us. Please check your records and try your other email addresses or credit card numbers to retrieve your activation code.

4. You have incorrectly entered your Activation Code. Please ensure that you have the correct Activation Code and use your computer's copy/paste function to enter the code into the preceding page - DO NOT RETYPE THE CODE by hand. Please also ensure that the product you are currently attempting to reactivate is the same product that you originally purchased.

For PC games contact Trymedia at for MAC games go to:

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