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How do I reactivate my product?

1. Retrieve your activation code for said product.

2. Download and install the trial version of your product.

Then depending on whether you have a MAC game or PC game...

2 (MAC). If you have a APPLE MAC: Enter in your activation code in the window when the game starts. This will unlock the game. You can stop here. If the game does not unlock, be sure to check that you have copy and pasted your code correctly.

2 (PC). Run your product. You should see a page that says BUY IT NOW/PLAY IT NOW. If you do not see this page when you first run the product, exit the product, and the page should appear. If the page does not appear when you run or exit the product, your product is already activated and you are done.

4. Once you see the page that says BUY IT NOW/PLAY IT NOW, scroll down and look for a link that says ?Already Paid?? or ?I have already purchased this product?.

5. Click on the Already Paid/Already Purchased link; and on the resulting page fill in your product code, e-mail address, and name. Wait a few moments and you should receive a "congratulations" message and your product should be renewed.

For PC games contact Trymedia at for MAC games go to:

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