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Error or alert: Spyware or a Virus was detected

Some Antivirus or Personal Firewall applications incorrectly identify our products as viruses or disrupt or block the software from running. Please be assured that products that come from our partners or us are virus free. To avoid this issue you have one of two options:

Option 1: Temporarily disable your personal firewall until you have downloaded, installed, and activated your purchase.

Note: If you are evaluating the free trial version and you see a blank page or error message in the browser when you open or close the product, your personal firewall is the most likely cause. You will need to temporarily disable your personal firewall to see the "Play/Buy" page.

We strongly recommend that you re-enable your anti-virus software after purchasing a product (or as soon as possible). We must also remind you that disabling your anti-virus software is done at your own discretion, and we specifically disclaim any liability or claims for damage arising from your decision to disable this program.

Option 2: Be assured that products from us or our partners are virus free. If your antivirus software detects the product as a virus or a Trojan, set an exclusion for the folders containing your product. To mark the files or folders containing downloaded products as safe, refer to your antivirus/personal firewall product manual or help documentation for further instructions.

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