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What if my free trial period expired prematurely?

When the trial is opened or closed you are given the option to "Buy" or "Play". Often there is also an icon labeled "Buy [product title]" which does not include a "Play" option. Please make sure you are launching the product from the appropriate icon or shortcut before reading on. In the program group for the product (in the "Start" Menu) or on the desktop, be sure you select the product title and not the icon labeled "Buy [product title]" unless you are prepared to purchase the product.

There are several possible reasons why the trial version of the product might end prematurely or skip forward to the "Buy" screen.

- The product has been previously installed on your computer and the trial has expired. We often learn that another person in the household has already played the trial version on the same machine.

- Your computer's operating system (i.e. Windows 98/Windows XP) may not be compatible with the product you are trying to run. Always check the system requirements section located on the product description page under "More Info" to ensure the title is compatible with your operating system. Incompatibility with your operating system may cause the software to crash or display the ?Buy" screen that appears at the end of the free trial.

- Some configuration options on your computer are causing the software to crash which causes the trial period to expire.

- A corrupted download or missing graphics updates can cause the program to skip and run in a choppy manner. This causes the product to skip forwards and backwards and/or freeze in certain places. If the skipping is severe, the trial may expire prematurely causing you to see the "Buy now" page.

There is nothing we can do to extend a trial period. We do, however, offer a limited refund policy on some game titles that allows you to return the product if you are dissatisfied or unable to run the software. It's our way of giving you a risk free experience.

For PC games contact Trymedia at for MAC games go to:

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