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What if I see a white window or screen when I launch my product?

If you are unable to see the content of the first page when launching your download product this is typically caused by personal firewall software or by "Internet Zone" security settings that are set too high.

To resolve the issue:

1) Uninstall the trial using Add/Remove Programs located in your Control Panel

2) Delete the installation directory for your product located here: "C:Program Files[Publisher Name][Product title]"

3) Delete the product's installation file located in C:Downloads or wherever you decided to save the file when you first downloaded it.

4) Open the Internet Options applet located in your Control Panel and
a) Adjust your "Auto-detection" settings: click on the "Connections" tab, then click LAN settings and clear any checkmark next to "Auto detect settings". (If you have a Proxy configured here, the program will not function properly. Try connecting directly to the Internet and not a proxy server.)
b) On the "General" tab: click "Settings" for "Temporary Internet Files" and change "Check for newer versions of stored pages" to "Every visit to the page" and click OK.
c) Next, select "Delete Files" for Temporary Internet Files and check "Delete all offline content" and click OK.
d) On the "Security" tab, change your "Internet Zone" settings to "Medium".
e) On the "Privacy" tab, change your settings to "Medium".
f) After making these changes, click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

5) RESTART the computer.

6) Update your Microsoft operating system by visiting and following the on-screen instructions. Be sure to restart the system after installing updates. You may need to run Windows Update repeatedly to get all applicable updates for your system.

7) Use the link from your email receipt to restart the download and begin installation.

*** If the URL in your email receipt appears on more than one line, make sure you copy the entire value into the address bar of your web browser when attempting to download. ***

8) Try starting the software and you should see a screen displaying HTML content that indicates it is "finalizing installation". If you still cannot see this page, close the software and double check for currently installed and activated personal firewall products. Temporarily disable the firewall and try launching the software again. Once you can see content in the browser, the activation process should proceed normally.

***We strongly recommends that you re-enable your personal firewall software afterward! We must also remind you that disabling your personal firewall software is done at your own discretion, and we specifically disclaim any liability or claims for damage arising from your decision to disable the software.***

If you are still unable to activate your license or launch your product using the steps above, you can download, install, and activate your product using its free trial. Uninstall any currently installed version of the product using the add/remove programs feature on your control panel before proceeding.

Go to Start Menu->
Control Panel or Start Menu->
Control Panel->
Add/Remove Programs

Once installation of the free trial is finished Open or close the free trial until you see the 'buy now' page. Click on the "Already Paid" link and enter your activation code and the email address you provided at the time of purchase. Click Renew and the free trial will unlock the full version.

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