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What if there is no record of my purchase?

When you attempt to activate your product, you may receive a ?No Purchase Record Found? error for the following reasons:

- The Activation Code is the wrong one or has been mistyped.
- The product is not the same title as what was originally purchased.
- The product may be the same title, but the offering is not compatible with your activation code.

To resolve this error, ensure that you are using the correct activation code and download link provided in your email receipt.

If you do not have an electronic copy of your email receipt you can retrieve your activation codes and download links at by entering your email address and clicking on "Email order history".

In order to license your product, we recommend that you copy and paste your 32-digit activation code into the required field. If you type your code in, the activation will likely fail.

To copy, highlight the activation code in your email receipt with your mouse and then press CTRL+C on your keyboard. To paste the activation code, click the box you want to paste it into and press CTRL+V on your keyboard. You should now see your code entered in the box.

If you continue to receive the error after correctly entering the activation code, uninstall and reinstall the product to ensure you are using the correct product offering.

1. Click "Start" > "Control Panel" > "Add or Remove Programs".
2. From the list of currently installed programs, locate the product to be uninstalled.
3. Click "Change/Remove".
4. Continue through the prompts until the product is uninstalled.

Note: Simply deleting the product's icon from the desktop will not remove the software from your computer. Once the program is completely uninstalled, restart your computer, then re-download and re-install the software using only the link in your email receipt. Repeat the process to copy/paste the activation code and you should be able to activate the product correctly.

For PC games contact Trymedia at for MAC games go to: For PC games contact Trymedia at for MAC games go to:

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