Smash the Ball in Funkitron's New Innovative Game, FUNKIBALL(R) ADVENTURE

BOXFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 21, 2005--Are you ready to smash balls, destroy bricks, catch loot and uncover famous stolen paintings? Funkitron, Inc., the publisher of hit games such as Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament(TM) and Slingo(R) Deluxe, today introduced its latest game, FUNKIBALL(R) ADVENTURE which adds many fun new twists to classic brick busting action.

In FUNKIBALL ADVENTURE, players can simply click just their mouse to hit the ball and smash their way through bricks that hide coins, gems and famous stolen paintings. This innovative ball smashing feature creates a whole new arcade action experience, and thanks to a unique player profile system that tunes the game to the player you are, FUNKIBALL ADVENTURE is fun for casual players, arcade gamers and especially, kids of all ages.

"To smash or not to smash? That is the question with Funkiball Adventure," said Terri Hardie, Producer of Reflexive Arcade and big fan of Funkiball. "Reflexive Arcade fans have embraced the smash by rocketing Funkiball Adventure to the Favorites just its first weekend! With smashing, brick-busting game play, challenging level goals and a mysterious storyline, Funkiball has it all!" Brandon Ross, producer at Yahoo! Games, added, "Funkiball is creative and fun. We look forward to launching it on Yahoo! Games."

The FUNKIBALL ADVENTURE game offers the following great features:

-- Fantastic Action! - For the first time, hit and smash the ball just by clicking the mouse. Smash through the bricks and be ready to catch the loot you have discovered.

-- Amazing Adventure! - Travel around the globe searching for 10 of the world's greatest works of art. Can you collect them all?

-- Always Exciting! - Each spot on the globe features different game play elements, graphical style and interactive music - so the excitement and fun builds as you play.

-- Long Lasting Fun! - Each level is designed to be re-playable through multiple different goals. Can you get all 5 stars on each level?

-- Fun For Everyone! - 3 different player profiles (kid, casual and gamer) make the game 'fun for the whole family'!


FUNKIBALL ADVENTURE is a truly fun game that takes you around the world to recover some of the world's most famous works of art. Just smash the ball to break into the hiding places and steal them back! Can you collect all the paintings? Can you get 5 stars in each level? Can you reach "Legend" status? The fun never ends! The FUNKIBALL ADVENTURE game is now available for a suggested retail price of $19.95 at, as well as major game sites.

About Funkitron, Inc.

Funkitron, Inc. is a computer game publishing company founded by game industry veteran Dave Walls in 2001. Funkitron is known for creating high-quality, fun, and computer games that appeal to a broad audience and can be distributed digitally via online networks. The company has had much success with hit games such as "SCRABBLE(R) Deluxe", "Slingo(R) Deluxe", "Boggle(R) Supreme", "Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament(TM)" and the just released, "Funkiball Adventure(R)".

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