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"It’s safe to say that Slingo and the iPhone might just be the greatest pairing since peanut butter met chocolate." - 4 1/2 stars!!! Gamezebo

The wait is over! Slingo has come to the iPhone!!!


And in a big way!

Introducing Slingo Supreme for the iPhone!

Slingo is the addictive and fun combination of SLOTS and BINGO!

With Slingo Supreme, we really wanted to pull out all the stops and make the ultimate Slingo game that would be a flagship product for all the Slingo fans. Slingo Supreme is the game that we've always wanted to play on our iPhones, it is the most polished, full-featured Slingo game ever.

The heart of this fun new Slingo game is the innovative Supreme mode.

In Supreme, as you play, you will unlock powerups. These powerups will then let you build your own custom Slingo game! Unlock more powerups, and build even more types of Slingo games. Each combination makes a totally new play experience. And get this, with 12 types of powerups, you can combine them each in different ways to create over 16,000 ways to play!!! Can you create your own favorite game to give you that top score?

But we just didn't stop there. We've always heard from fans about features they wanted. And in Slingo Supreme, we are delivering them.

Hate the Devil? Is this game, instead of just taking half your points, you now finally get to beat him at his own game. Slingo Supreme contains the New Devil Mini Games that let you get back at the devil.

Bummed out when you don't get a match? Now you can enable Reel Nudge which will give you another chance to make a match by knocking the reels when no match exists. Nothing like banging the machine to demand a match!

Want a new challenge every day? Now, the game will create a custom challenge for you each day. And check this out, it does it dynamically so you will never run out of daily challenges.

So get ready to play Slingo Supreme, and get ready to unlock new powerups, conquer daily challenges and build your own top scoring Slingo game!

Slingo Supreme is truly a SUPREME casual game and is just PERFECT for your iPhone!


Check it out on iTunes

Some reviews: 

Love Slingo Supreme

I love Slingo Supreme. I enjoy the Daily Challenges. If you love to hear the casino slots and the fun of bingo then you will love Slingo Supreme! Only disadvantage would be to have more secret tools to unlock to make the Supreme harder to complete...I love the challenge.

The BEST app ever!

Im hooked! Time zips by while playing this game. You won't regret buying this app. I have 100+ apps and this is by far the best one. I would of been willing to pay a lot more because I love slingo so much.

Thank you

Thank you for bringing Slingo to my iPhone. I had been waiting for it and when it finally came out, I jumped on it immediately. I play it everyday. Now I have Slingo on the go. Thank you! 

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