Poker Superstars: On Mac, Steam and Stores Near You!

In between working on Slingo Quest and a couple of new games, we managed to get three new distribution platforms for Poker Superstars.

First we made a version of Poker Superstars for the Mac. I'm convinced that the Mac platform will continue to grow and be viable for games so I'm happy to start getting our games mac-ified as we call it. Poker Superstars for the mac can be found on and on

Then, we took Poker Superstars to Valve's Steam system. I've always been a huge fan of Steam and really think it is the future of distribution of gamer games. Why go to the store when you can just snag a great game right from the Internet? I was very psyched when they did the deal with PopCap to put casual games on the system and was even more psyched when they agreed to put Poker Superstars as their first Poker game. You can check it out here: Poker Superstars On Steam

Plus, Poker Superstars II will be coming soon to a store near you. More on this later.


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