Poker Superstars II Changed My Game

I've been getting notes from people complimenting Funkitron on the challenge of Poker Superstars 2.(

The game definitely is a step up in terms of Poker AI from the 1st game, and the cool thing is, I have found that the game actually has changed my poker game.

In Poker Superstars 1, it seemed that the AI played a 'fun' game. Money was thrown around and you were able to get on top of things and with a little work and luck, win the tournament.

Poker Superstars 2 is different though. The AI has learned to play the game by playing millions of tournaments and you can really see the difference. You can't just win by getting lucky, you really need to play correctly, fold hands when you should, figure out when to stick your neck out, learn to slow play, and play, well, just play good solid poker.

This I learned the hard way when I was first testing the new AI in the new game. I got clobbered pretty quickly. But then, I started thinking about it a bit more, and found that the game started forcing me, through a series of beatings, to play correctly. I started to figure proper ways to play hands, as well different strategies, as I played. It was pretty cool, I was discovering the correct way to play by playing - just like the AI did!

I found my game changed for the better while playing at a play money game at a casino party at the Game Developers Conference. As I was playing, I really could sense that I was a now a different player.  Though yes, I am sure that faced with playing a bunch of real players with real money, and not just a bunch of semi drunk game developers throwing chips around, I'm not sure how I would of fared. But I do know this, Poker Superstars II has definitely upped the ante of my game.

I am glad though that I left the original AI as an optional setting in the latest version of the game. Sometimes you just need to feel like the amazing poker superstar you know you are. ;)

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