Do The Poker Superstars Cheat?

I've gotten a particular question on Poker Superstars lately, along the lines I always get with Maven of Scrabble.

Question: Does the AI (artificial intelligence) cheat?

Answer: Nope.

The AI in both games has the same chance as you at getting cards or tiles. As well, both AIs do not peak at your cards or tiles. It is as blind as a regular player would be.

The AIs play as well as they do because they play very smart. They have been programmed to know alot about the game, specific strategies, and in Poker Superstar's case, it has played millions of tournaments to actually develop its own strategies.

Sometimes I have thought, boy, it would be a lot easier to just let the AIs cheat and then design them to just sometimes let the player win.

But the problem is, I could never play a game knowing that. It just wouldn't be fun or satisfying knowing that the computer is just controlling when you win or lose, regardless of what you do.

So does the AI cheat? Nope. Because, if it did, and I knew it, it just wouldn't be fun for me play.

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