Casual Games and Rodney Dangerfield

A good friend of mine, Joel Brodie, compared the Casual Games Industry to Rodney Dangerfield: it just doesn't get no respect.

And after getting back from GDC, I can't help but think he is correct.

But it's okay, and in fact, it is something that everyone in the business should appreciate right now.

The hard core games industry feels like a huge club. With blaring music, high priced drinks and girls that won't talk to you... and you can never find your friends.

The mobile industry feels like exclusive club. Where it is hard to get past the bouncer, and when you do finally get in, everyone is grumpy and not having a good time.

The casual games industry... its Cheers. Small little bar, everyone knows your name, nice place to be.

Yeah, I like Cheers, and though I know the industry is growing, I'm going to enjoy this place until it gets turned into Studio 54.

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