Supreme 2 comes to iPhone!
Love all those new features in Slingo Supreme 2? Now you can get them right in your Slingo Supreme game on iPhone!  Simply update your game, tap the Buy Supreme 2 button and now you will have...
Word Bird Live On Mac AppStore!
Have a Mac? Now you can play Word Bird on your iMac!
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Word Bird flocks to iPhone!
BOXFORD, Mass. – Nov, 15, 2011 –  Funkitron, Inc., an independent developer of hit casual games like  Solitaire Kingdom® Supreme ,  Poker Superstars® and  ...
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Word Bird HD Now On iPad
Hey, Word Bird HD just went live on the iPad AppStore. Check it out!
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WordBird Supreme Sneak Preview!
We've just released a special sneak preview of our latest game: WordBird Supreme! Try it out today!
Slingo Supreme 2 Released!
Get it first here! Check out Slingo Supreme 2!  What sort of score will you be able to make with... 32 powerups! Try for free for an hour.   :)
Solitaire Kingdom Quest is Live!
After completing Solitaire Kingdom Supreme, we really needed some more Solitaire action. So we made a brand new adventure in the kingdom called Solitaire Kingdom Quest! It features all your favor...
Solitaire Kingdom HD For iPad has launched!
I know many people have asked for this and it is finally here. And it was worth the wait. Solitaire Kingdom Supreme HD is out for the iPad.  It is the must have Solitaire game for your iPad.
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Solitaire Kingdom For iPhone Out Now!
Funkitron, the developer of Slingo Supreme, is proud to announce the release of its latest game on iPhone: Solitaire Kingdome Supreme!
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Slingo Quest Amazon Released!
The next fantastic game in the Slingo Quest series is released. Want to find out what happened after Egypt? Get ready to head to the Slingo Quest Amazon! Check it out
Slingo Quest Amazon Screenshot
Check out the new Slingo Quest Amazon HEX BOARD!
10,000 Reviews - 5 Stars - Woo hoo!
Slingo Supreme is totally fun to play on iPhone. Seems like fans really dig it too! Its got over 10,000 reviews with a solid 5 star average. Check it out today... and get ready for Game Center supp...
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Solitaire Kingdom Supreme live in Mac App Store.
Got a mac? Love Solitaire? Well get ready, because Solitaire Kingdom Supreme is now live on Apple's Mac App Store! Check it out here: Solitiare Kingdom On Mac App Store  
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Solitaire Kingdom Out Now!
Check out Funkitron's latest addictive game! Solitaire Kingdom takes the Funkitron Team's supremely addictive game design skills, and applies them to Solitaire. See it here  
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Slingo Supreme HD for iPad!
Have an iPad? Love Slingo? Then you need Slingo Supreme HD for iPad! It rocks!  Check out Slingo Supreme HD on iTunes
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Slingo For Kindle!
Have a Kindle? Then you need some Slingo fun in between books. Slingo for Kindle is perfect for a quick play or long sessions. All game stats and high scores are tracked, and unique award challen...
Slingo Supreme live on the Mac AppStore!
Have a mac? You can play Slingo now! Slingo Supreme has launched on the Mac AppStore. Check out Slingo Supreme in  Mac AppStore
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Slingo Supreme for iPhone!
Check out Slingo Supreme on iTunes "It’s safe to say that Slingo and the iPhone might just be the greatest pairing since peanut butter met chocolate." - 4 1/2 stars!!!  G...
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Did you know, that Funkitron's very first game was  DICEY . It came out Dave's (our President) love of Yahtzee and Tetris. And after all those years, it still is very fun to play.  PLAY NOW
Poker Superstars iPhone Released!
If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can now play Poker Superstars on it. Check out the brand new Poker Superstars app here .
Slingo Supreme Flash Game!
You can now play Slingo Supreme online. Check it out here .
Slingo Supreme - 4 Stars!
  Slingo Supreme has gotten a great 4 star review from Gamezebo. You can read about it here .
About Slingo Supreme
Slingo fans have been asking for years for a sequel to the #1 hit game Slingo Deluxe. When we decided to make a sequel to Deluxe, we wanted to really pull out all the stops and make the ultimate...
Slingo Quest Hawaii Interview
Michelle who programmed Slingo Quest Hawaii was featured in Gamezebo. You can read the interview here .
More Games!
Haven't blogged in a long time. Mainly because I've been very busy making new games. Check out our latest: Blokus World Tour Slingo Quest Hawaii More to come!
Funkitron Releases Slingo Quest Hawaii!
You've completed the Quest, now it is time for a Slingo Vacation! Slingo Quest Hawaii jets off to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands to spend some time with some brand new game play that takes ...
Poker Superstars III - Launched!
Funkitron announced today the launch of their newest game in the Poker Superstars series. Poker Superstars III - Gold Chip Challenge! This game raises the stakes with new poker superstars like Jen...
Martha Quinn Talks 80s Game
Martha stopped by to discuss the 80s Game with Gamezebo! Check it out here:    
Get Ready For The 80s Game
We are hard at work at finishing up a great new game called "The 80s Game With Martha Quinn" It brings together the great board game "The 80s Game" with the one of our f...
CasualGameWiki launches!
  Funkitron announced today the launch of a new game site dedicated to compiling information about individual casual games and the companies and people who make them. The site is called ...
I have always thought it would be great to have an encyclopedia of casual games. So I have launched a site called . Here you can find out information about individual casual ga...
Slingo Quest Tips and Tricks!
Here are some great tips and tricks for playing Slingo Quest! Interface Tricks: Right-click anywhere, press space, or press enter when the spin button is hilighted to start the...
Slingo Quest Live
Well, we finished Slingo Quest and it looks like it is both getting reviewed well ( 4 1/2 stars on ) and selling well (already on a number of top ten lists). Which is great to see! ...
Poker Superstars II CDROM at Best Buy
I just noticed that the Poker Superstars II CDROM is now on the Best Buy site. You can see it here: Poker Superstars II CDROM   Makes are great gift for the holidays. :)
Poker Superstars Launches On Steam
Funkitron has partnered with Valve to bring Poker Superstars to their Steam distribution system. Steam is Valve's distribution system for "gamer games" like their own Half Life game. B...
Poker Superstars: On Mac, Steam and Stores Near You!
In between working on Slingo Quest and a couple of new games, we managed to get three new distribution platforms for Poker Superstars. First we made a version of Poker Superstars for the Mac. I'...
We just launched a site that is dedicated to Poker Superstars called . It features our television commercial that is running on the Poker Superstars TV Show as well a...
Slingo Quest Preview On Gamezebo
Gamezebo has posted a preview on Slingo Quest. "As it stands, this near-final version of Slingo Quest seems poised for success, at least with those who already consider themselves Slingo ...
Slingo Quest Coming Soon
We've been real busy here at Funkitron World Headquarters getting some new games ready. One of the first will be Slingo Quest. If you are a fan of Slingo, you are going to love this new challenge....
Blue Ribbon Games Is Live
Funkitron has launched the beta of Blue Ribbon Games , a game site dedicated to providing the top casual games. Blue Ribbon Games is powered by a simple, uncluttered, ad-free interface tha...
Blue Ribbon Games Live
Funkitron has launched a beta of a game distribution site. It is called Blue Ribbon Games It seemed to me that game sites are now getting very cluttered, so I wanted to launch a game site th...
Do The Poker Superstars Cheat?
I've gotten a particular question on Poker Superstars lately, along the lines I always get with Maven of Scrabble. Question: Does the AI (artificial intelligence) cheat? Answer: Nope. The AI...
Poker Superstars II Changed My Game
I've been getting notes from people complimenting Funkitron on the challenge of Poker Superstars 2.( ). The game definitely is a step up in ...
Casual Games and Rodney Dangerfield
A good friend of mine, Joel Brodie, compared the Casual Games Industry to Rodney Dangerfield: it just doesn't get no respect. And after getting back from GDC, I can't help but think he is correc...
Off to GDC
Well, I'm off to GDC ( ) tomorrow. Looking forward to the Minna Mingle ( ). An event Funkitron is one of the glorious sponsors of. Dave
Funkitron today has teamed up with GameBlend Studios to release WordJong?
Enter the lush world of WordJong, a colorful mix of Mahjong and spelling game! WordJong gives you letter tiles you remove from the board Mahjong-style to spell big words for bonus points. Three un...
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